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The Power 
of optimization

Are you looking for a new valet trash and recycling company?

We know that managing waste can be a headache, but we also know it doesn’t have to be. Optimized Waste Removal (OWR) is here to make life easier for property managers and residents by taking care of all their valet trash and recycling needs. We offer flexible services so you can choose what works best for your community. We’re there when you need us most!

You won’t find another company like us on the market. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have five days a week! Our customers love how dependable we are – they trust us with their properties and appreciate how much time we save them. We are not perfect, but we will do everything in our power to make things right. With OWR on your side, you won’t ever have to deal with another valet trash issue!

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Putting trash

in the past

Our team is committed to providing residents with a clean and safe home. We will promptly begin service at 8:00pm sharp (5 days/week), report violations when necessary but still take out the violators trash! Our community first collection policy means we do not put limits on cardboard boxes or how much household waste your residents can throw away. We also sweep and clean common waste areas nightly in order for them to always look great.

Trash Containers

Keep your space neat and clean with our custom containers! These trash cans are perfect for storing waste without taking up valuable floor space. Our durable containers have a UV stabilizer to protect against sun damage so they never look diminished. And, our branded logo and email address will let any resident know who to contact for more information about OWR's services!

Custom Reports

Your Property is important. It's where your business and residents lives happen and seeing it in such detail through this virtual portal will offer you peace of mind and help you make more informed decisions. Our online portal makes it easy to track every building, property, unit, and service night. From the most recent service all the way back to when we first started servicing your property, every report tells a story that will leave no stone unturned.


Community First Approach

Your community is more than just where your residents live. It's a part of who you are and the work you do everyday. That's why we take pride in how we can help every stakeholder. Community First Approach thinks of you when every decision is made. Whether it means taking out the trash in public areas, or following up on resident violations--Nobody does it better than us! We know that making an investment in your success will pay off every single day!

GPS Tracking

Your property is special to every one of your residents. It’s their home, the place where they learn and grow, make memories with family and friends; it’s their private space in which to dream big. Our technology enhances what makes our service special rather than intruding upon it. With our GPS tracked employees, managers will be able to know exactly when an employee arrives at their destination--and where they are at any given time! Imagine how great this will feel for you and your ownership alike if they knew that somebody would always show up when scheduled--no more missed nights or buildings!

Increased Curb Appeal

Reduced property value is something that keeps us up at night, so our nightly trash service gives you peace of mind in the morning when prospective residents pull in front of your leasing office. Your curb appeal refers to how it looks from the street - and taking care of messy things like trash is part of that. That's why we provide nightly service with dumpster and trash chute cleanup so no one sees or smells nasty stuff out there on the curb! Plus, if a resident has a violation, don't worry! We will still take out the trash.

Financial Optimization

Our valet trash service will keep your property clean and provide an amazing service to your residents. Also, we can likely increase the net operating income of your property, thus increasing the property's value! Fill out our form or call us for a quote and see how much extra cash you'll be raking in with this zero upfront investment service.

Custom tailored Solutions

Trash Chute Management

Pet Waste Cleanup

Bulk Trash Removal

And More!



Our Experts Are the Finest

Our team is centered around delivering an optimized waste solution for your property. To do this we employ the best people in the business. Our salaried personnel are required to get their Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS) credential and all of our technicians are background checked, drug tested, and extensively trained to deliver for you and your residents.

We don't stop there. We provide our technicians with the tools needed to deliver for our customers, whether that be leakproof bags, GPS tracking, uniforms, personal protective equipment, etc.

At the end of the day, our people show up and deliver a hassle free service for you, your team, and your residents.



"Optimized Waste Removal services have been wonderful to work with. From their customer service, documenting with pictures and nightly reporting, to assistance with property waste management solutions. I highly recommend them for property management needs."

Laura B.
Director of Asset Management




Let’s Work Together

Fort Worth, Texas

Phone: 833-832-6697

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